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   A Profile of Joe Dolister

Music is partly what I do – and mostly who I am. I love music for the many things it does… it takes us on a journey, it makes us feel things, it tells a story, it can take us way, way out – and also way in; to that place where our heart and soul were born, live and breathe.

As a bass player, I get to explore all of that as the grounding force, the support and the root of it all. When it’s good, I can almost feel the heartbeat of the earth. When it’s not so good, there’s always tomorrow. That’s the beauty of playing music… I get to hear and create something new each time, whether it’s a tune I’m playing for the first time… or one I’ve done a thousand times.

I’m told that I’ve developed a reputation for a great set of ears. Well, I have to credit my musical roots for that. Those of us who were part of the Milwaukee jazz scene of the ‘70’s challenged and influenced one another… and also left the indelible mark of high standards. Working with the likes of keyboardists Buddy Montgomery and Melvin Rhyme, trumpeter Brian Lynch and pianist David Hazeltine and others, all helped clearly define mine as a bass player.

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to play with a wide variety of great musicians, in an equally varied range of musical genres. I’m a jazzman to the core, but love latin jazz, funk, blues and soul too. Guitarists George Souza, Akio Sasijima and Dave Grantham, singer Jackie Landrum, keyboardist Kris Landrum, and drummer Mat Marucci have all been “regulars” in my most recent world of great music here in the Reno/Lake Tahoe/Sacramento area.

What’s more… my most amazing 23 year old son is possessed with a tremendous talent on drums. I often wonder how I got so lucky. Caleb has always been - and continues to be – an inspiration to me and rest of us who know him. He plays music from jazz, to funk and beyond. He's also responsible for building this website.

I’ve lived in the incredibly beautiful Lake Tahoe area of California for 23 years… and yes, know very well how blessed I am. It doesn’t get much better!


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